An open space to share life's experiences. 

These include a space to talk about grief and menopause as well as mindful journalling and creative writing workshops.


Walking and Writing 

Join writer, and founder of The Writer’s Walk, Sarah Farley for a gentle walking and writing workshop. She’ll show you how you can use your everyday walks to notice the world, spark ideas and fuel your creativity. And she’ll pair it with simple writing prompts to help you bring your observations to life. Open to all – you don’t need to be a walker or a writer to take part. All you need is a notepad, pen and your imagination.

Mindful Jounaling

Jacqueline Gammon is a certified mindfulness teacher and coach specialising in mindful journalling for wellbeing. She’s the author of the recently published book, Mindful Journalling in Action. Jacqueline is passionate about sharing the benefits of mindfulness with others and invites you to join her journalling workshop.

Self Celebration

Join Cat in circle for some beautiful self reflection and self connection. In this space we get to really honour who we are and the gifts we bring to the world. So often in the busy-ness of life we forget to hit pause and recognise all that we have done to bring us to where we are now. Let’s come together and celebrate ourselves and each other…sharing the love, feeling the joy, owning who we are. 

Menopause: Your Questions, Your Stories

This is an opportunity to share your menopause stories, challenges, and triumphs in a supportive, understanding environment. We discover our collective strength and the diverse paths through menopause. The direction of this session is dynamically shaped by your contributions, from exploring breathwork and dietary adjustments to discussing insights into HRT. Join us for a deeply enriching experience where your voice helps guide the conversation, ensuring a tailored exploration of solutions that resonate with the group's needs.

Mixed Circle: Mindful Reflection and Stillness

In this seated circle, participants would experience a mindful and quiet reflective session. I would guide gentle breathing practices, meditation, and encourage tuning into the senses to slow down and welcome stillness. This option offers space for a sharing circle, fostering deep introspection and connection. (could add in partner work , eye gazing etc)

Let's Talk Gardening

During this workshop gardening enthusiast Matt Hassan will be providing tips and advice on gardening. There will also be an opportunity for the audience to share their knowledge and experiences to create group discussions about certain gardening themes.

Grief Space

Join Kate Nudds, a Grief Coach, in the Grief Corner, for this safe and supportive space to talk about grief and loss and how you can manage grief within your life. Join us in the open and honest space about how our grief affects us all individually, the challenges and strategies you can adopt to help you navigate your own grief, allowing us all to normalise the grieving process and support one another. Whether your loss is recent or many years ago all are welcome to come and share their experiences in this supportive, safe corner. 

Power of the Pelvic Floor

Join pelvic health physiotherapist Sarah Deakin to learn about the function of the pelvic floor. This is a workshop with different exercises to engage and relax the pelvic floor, about discussion about dysfunction. With 2 out of 3 women having at some point a problem with their pelvic floor and 10% of men, it's time we reclaim our pelvic strength.